Project Overview

GSE, one of the largest package delivery services in U.S., has a strong network for delivery services offline/on the ground. But in this age of digital transformation, a lack of online presence means ‘certain death’ for sure! They wanted to rectify this with a web application that parcel or package delivery processes smooth and easy.

What business challenge did the app address?

GSE caters to B2B companies for bulk package deliveries around the world. They wished to expand their customer base by providing their services directly to the customers, or in other words B2C. One of the other challenges they wanted to overcome was that they needed an extra staff just to handle orders placed through the phones and the walk-ins. They wanted to reduce the manpower used and increase the total efficiency with a web app.

Business Requirement

GSE wanted a web application that helped the customers to choose the required delivery services and complete all the necessary transactions online. They should also be able to track, and ship the packages and the admin be able to control accounts and create profiles.

How did the DevOps approach facilitate successful app development?

Our team structured the web application with clean designs and easy to use interfaces based on the DevOps approach . Our experience in Node.js ensured an affordable and quick implementation of the application.

How did the app make the package delivery process easy and smooth?

Our solution was a cloud-based web application operable from any device. It helped customers to calculate the cost of the package, get it shipped and track their consignment in real-time.

What business benefits did the app provide?

  • Growing digital customer base.
  • Opened a new B2C revenue channel.
  • Achieved digital transformation of the business and organizational processes.

Features & Functionality

  • Pick and Drop Facility

    Customers could have their packages or parcels picked up from their location and dropped at the courier warehouses.

  • Price Comparison

    Once the package details are entered into the system, customers get the price quote list from different courier services. They can choose the desired agency and arrange for a pick-up.

  • Tracking

    The tracking feature, as it denotes, helps customers to track their consignment from the beginning to end.

  • Admin Console

    The admin console allows the manager to control and supervise all the backend operations. The admin can creating shipping labels for the packages also.