Project Overview

Hapzis is a cloud-based event technology platform or application where anyone can find, share or create events that they love. Built on a Node.js platform, this social app for events is the best way to stay connected with popular things. Upcoming and popular events can be shared with friends and followers.

What primary business challenge did the app address?

Finding events that take place in a locality proved to be quite a challenge. Our client wanted to create a way to find and share events in a much better way than the existing methods in Reddit and other popular sites.

How did the app enable online event sharing?

The client requested for a web and mobile app with a clean and easy-to-use interface. An end-user should be able to add or create events or groups, chat with members, send messages and receive notifications.

What approach led to successful app development?

We adopted the agile methodology to create a customized application with interactive and user-friendly UI/UX designs.

How does the event sharing app work?

Our team developed a customized event application available as both web and mobile apps with flawless user experience. It can analyze and manage events in real-time, enabling friends and followers to be notified of these events.

What are the business benefits of the app?

  • Aggregates events from multiple sources
  • Fast and intuitive search (with help of inbuilt super tags)

Features & Functionality

  • Add or Create Events

    The admin can create events that take place in a vicinity and share it with anyone they want.

  • Sharing Events

    Sharing events helps you to share popular events and happening, taking place in your locality, with your friends and followers. The app shares the details of the person you add as contacts.

  • Save Events

    You can save your preferences and favourite events when you see them and refer them for later use.

  • Geolocation Map

    The geolocation map shows you the exact coordinates of the event, making it easy to find the location and share it with others.

  • Chat with Friends

    This feature allows you to chat with friends and followers about events that are happening, or anything under the sun!


What Client Loved

Even though I create projects for other clients, I could not have completed this project without Toobler. They work autonomously, they have many teams to complete any project (machine learning, phonegap, native ios, php, backbone, etc) and they are tireless in their commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Stephane Deuvaert, Founder & CEO, Hapzis